Hello, WebRTS day 3

Day 2


Day 3


Hello duckies🦆

Now day 3 is coming to a close i’m facing steady progress, i think it’s time to put an end to that. I will have to do something which is the bane of many projects and a stopper for any popper enthusiasm, create a spec💀!

I did imagine this project to be a async multiplayer game, and was thinking i could write a REST api and just do HTTP request for all communication.

But i don’t know how to make this design “turn-based”.

Like the transport routes, should they show the travel path as segmented parts? ✔️ probably And planets should they gain “energy” every turn or wait a set amount of time to give a bigger amount? I guess this is game design, and my mantra for this project was to create something so easy, i could iterate quickly. So to a certain extent i think getting an MWP together is the way to go. I will let that be my guiding principle.

Lets now try to define what this MVP should contain:

  • We have unmoving “Planets” scattered around
    • These generate “Energy” when “Owned”
    • A player can send energy from one planet to another with transportships
      • Doing that to an unowned planet will lay claim to it
      • Doing that to an “enemy” will claim if the sendt energy is bigger than the stored energy in the planet
  • Complete monopoly or biggest empire when timer runs out is victor
  • The game will move in “ticks”
    • One tick can be each hour during waking time
    • Users can submit their move at any time in between ticks
    • It will be executed at the time the next tick starts

That is the spec for now, tomorrow i will have changed direction. Stay tuned….