Hello, Godot project

So i’m going to get a project started so i don’t lose my mind.

I have always wanted a game to play asynchronously with friends over a long period of time. Most of my gaming is just a backdrop for social interaction, and getting older it’s ever harder to keep in touch with friends on a regular basis. This combined with a love for “hidden role” games and diplomacy, i want to create a game that is played with friends over a longer period of time, Weeks, moths!

I have some ideas for a simple strategy game that could be expanded upon, but knowing that i am no professional game designer, and that i don’t know what this is yet, i’m turning to something i can, failing quickly. So i’m just going to start by trying to make an MVP for this product, the simplest strategy game i can think of that can be played asynchronously, and iterate, iterate, iterate.

That will require me to maintain a web server for the API and the codebase for the game/client, should be doable

Will come back when i have more to show, hopefully soon, but time is not something i have a surplus of ATM