Hello, Tesselation

So progress is super slow as i have little to no time, but i have now had some time to think about what shape i want the “grid” of my map to be.

PS: I am thinking about making a game with diplomacy inspired rules, so each turn you queue up an action, and at the end of a “tick” the actions are executed in parallel. The intrigue of this comes in that if two forces have equal attack-score, which they do. (1 unit per square, 1 unit = 1 attack or defense). But you can get other troupes or friendly troupes to “give aid” in your attack or defense. So how many neighbors each square has should drastically change the nature of the game. BUUUT, I’m still a programmer and require something that is easy to generate and tessellates, because the alternative would be that i create a dynamic, organic map with my human brain. And that’s not how i function.

These are our candiates


Tesselation_triangle.jpg Neighbors: 12


Tesselation_square.png Neighbors: 8


Tesselation_hex.png Neighbors: 6


Tesselation_octo.png Neighbors: 8 4 diagonal and 4 cardinal

Looking at the numbers alone it seems that Octo and Square are in the same league, but i like that Octo gives you an offset of 0.5 on every other line. This makes it harder to create “battlefronts”, so hopefully this will make you defences less static, creating a more unstable game, setting the stage for more interesting interactions.

Got something working today, where each cell also know who it’s neighbors are Screenshot_20211122_213217_webrts_hex.png

Hopefully i will get more done later, who knows.

Hello, Godot project

So i’m going to get a project started so i don’t lose my mind.

I have always wanted a game to play asynchronously with friends over a long period of time. Most of my gaming is just a backdrop for social interaction, and getting older it’s ever harder to keep in touch with friends on a regular basis. This combined with a love for “hidden role” games and diplomacy, i want to create a game that is played with friends over a longer period of time, Weeks, moths!

I have some ideas for a simple strategy game that could be expanded upon, but knowing that i am no professional game designer, and that i don’t know what this is yet, i’m turning to something i can, failing quickly. So i’m just going to start by trying to make an MVP for this product, the simplest strategy game i can think of that can be played asynchronously, and iterate, iterate, iterate.

That will require me to maintain a web server for the API and the codebase for the game/client, should be doable

Will come back when i have more to show, hopefully soon, but time is not something i have a surplus of ATM